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Work From Home Playlists

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

We're all at home, listening to that familiar sound of the keyboard as we maniacally type yet another email, layered with the pleasant background noise of the neighbors latest DIY project... wait... no. If you're looking for a better soundtrack for your WFH life that doesn't include another COVID update on the news, check out my top 5 playlists on Spotify.

You can download Spotify for free, or pay a bit extra to get it ad-free.

A slightly more chill version of my #1 playlist (no peeking!!!). Mostly modern ambient and soft electronic tunes with a few upbeat moments to inspire you to move a bit after hours in the dining/desk chair.

Again, a pretty laid-back selection here with a few more crowd-pleasers and not too solid in any particular genre, especially handy if you like a bit of everything.

If "four o'clock Friday" has slid into the "is noon too early for a gin?" dilemma, switch over to this one. Still chill enough that you won't be tempted to dance on the "desk"... unless that's your thing. Go ahead. Freak out the neighbours. Embarrass your children. #yolo

Now, I'm a bit biased, as this one is my own curated creation. If you've been to one of my yin yoga classes, you'll recognize a few of these. If you're feeling a bit stressed, or it's simply too early for a dance party, give this one a spin.

My #1 Go-To: We Be Vibin'

This one is the ultimate list for those who work in short bursts, but are down for the occasional boogie in the kitchen while making the second or third coffee of the day.

Pro Tip:

Volume low =

background noise.

Volume up =

backup dancer.

So, go forth and dance like no one is watching.


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