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Generator Corporate Yoga (private)

Private class for staff and members of Generator - Waring Taylor St.

What to expect

Lunchtime classes Classes are a flowing, athletic style with sun salutations, strength poses, balancing, focused stretches and a bit of chill time at the end. Other movement styles, like pilates, strength training, dance, and mobility are often mixed in, too. Each class has its own flavour and focus, and is set to fun modern music. The teacher participates and demonstrates for the entire class, so you don't have to know the lingo, and you won't be physically adjusted, corrected or assisted by the teacher. Limited yoga mats available for hire - tick the box in the booking form.

Booking & Cancelling

All class bookings (except for corporate classes) should be made, managed, and cancelled using your online account or the link in your confirmation email. If you cannot attend a session, please cancel or reschedule your booking as soon as possible, so that another person can attend in your place.

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